A new chim­pan­zee cub arri­ved today at CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, the second this week and the seventh so far this year. Two offs­pring in one week means the death of part of two family groups. Look at its frigh­te­ned face, shoc­ked becau­se of what he has been through.

Many peo­ple ask us how they can help us… The­re are many ways: from rai­sing awa­re­ness and edu­ca­ting your family and tho­se around you, to beco­ming a volun­teer and the most impor­tant thing… to help them con­ti­nue their work in the DR Con­go, for which we need donations.

Beco­me a SOS Pri­ma­tes tea­mer (1 euro/month), spon­sor a chim­pan­zee (5 euros/month), make a dona­tion to our account (Caja de Inge­nie­ros ES06 3025 0001 1414 3348 7632), order Christ­mas lot­tery num­bers, par­ti­ci­pa­te in the raf­fle on the 26th of Octo­ber (1 euro each num­ber), or order a T‑shirt or dolls made in Congo.