The­re are 2 months left until the SOS­li­da­rity raf­fle which will take pla­ce on March 22nd 2021, and we only have 40 regis­te­red num­bers. This is another way of hel­ping the resi­dent pri­ma­tes at Lwi­ro, reques­ting a num­ber for a dona­tion of €1. Everything we rai­se through the raf­fle goes towards fee­ding the orphan pri­ma­tes at the cen­tre. This time the­re are uni­que pri­zes, inclu­ding a hand­ma­de poster, a beau­ti­ful mask, a cute stuf­fed ani­mal, a hand­ma­de trea­su­re box, a poster, an ani­mal pho­to­graphy book and many more.

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