The peo­ple who make run­ning SOS Pri­ma­tes pos­si­ble have in com­mon a love for natu­re and pri­ma­tes, a desire to help and unsha­kea­ble altruism.

Our collea­gue Sil­via Nie­to is an exam­ple of how you can help not only finan­cially but also by offe­ring your expe­rien­ce, know­led­ge or artis­tic abi­li­ties. Sil­via is an illus­tra­tor and graphic desig­ner, and you learn more about her and her work at her web­si­te. She has carried out two cru­cial pro­jects for our orga­ni­sa­tion: the “roll up” we use to pre­sent our­sel­ves at fairs and con­fe­ren­ces among other events, and the pamph­let we give out to intro­du­ce ourselves.

Thank you Sil­via for your huge heart and your talent!