The SOS Primates MONOgraphics

2022-11-22T20:42:29+01:00Tuesday, 25 May, 2021|

Today we present the first of our talks belonging to the SOS Primates MONOgráficos. In it, Encar Garcia, biologist and Director of the Jaguar Rescue Center in Costa Rica, presents her talk entitled "The Jaguar Rescue Center, the primates", and her project "Shock Free Zone". You can also see the introduction entitled "What [...]


Collaborate with € 1 per month

2021-10-18T06:24:39+01:00Sunday, 23 May, 2021|

An adult chimpanzee consumes 5kg of food (fruit and vegetables, among other things) each day. Now imagine multiplying that by the 98 chimpanzees living at the centre, although many of them are small, like Tongo in the photo, and you may think this reduces costs. The little ones drink milk made with baby formula, and [...]


Upcoming changes to our t‑shirts

2021-10-18T06:23:19+01:00Thursday, 20 May, 2021|

We will soon have SOS Primates t-shirt related surprises, but until then you can get our classic black t-shirt, which is great quality and made in Spain, for a donation of just €10. The campaign we’re sharing with you was made with the voluntary support of everyone involved, and with the money raised we can [...]