An adult chim­pan­zee con­su­mes 5kg of food (fruit and vege­ta­bles, among other things) each day. Now ima­gi­ne mul­tiplying that by the 98 chim­pan­zees living at the cen­tre, although many of them are small, like Ton­go in the pho­to, and you may think this redu­ces costs. The little ones drink milk made with baby for­mu­la, and Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes spoils them with a bit of extra food.

That’s why any help is gra­te­fully recei­ved. Beco­me an SOS Pri­ma­tes tea­mer for €1/month or get this tablet case hand­ma­de at Heri Kwe­tu Disa­bled Women’s Cen­tre in the Con­go, for a dona­tion of €22.

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