New collaboration

2022-07-19T08:52:37+01:00Tuesday, 31 August, 2021|

Today we bring you another collaboration for SOS Primates. Our friend and illustrator Sandra Zamorano Ilustración has made these mermaids exclusively for SOS Primates and gives all the donations we get with them to our NGO. The donations help get the feeding of the more than 200 primates of the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, among which [...]


Celebrating International Primate Day

2022-07-19T08:50:19+01:00Tuesday, 31 August, 2021|

This weekend, we celebrated International Primate Day (the next 1st of September) in advance at three zoological institutions. They gave us a space to raise awareness, share information and get donations for the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, in DR Congo. On Saturday, we were at the Zoobotánico Jerez, where we had [...]


International Primate Day

2022-07-19T08:56:04+01:00Saturday, 28 August, 2021|

Next September 1st is International Primate Day #InternationalPrimateDay, #DiaInternacionalPrimates, institutionalised in 2014 by several Latin American primatology associations, with the aim of reflecting on the threats faced by different species and calling for their conservation. SOS Primates has been celebrating it since 2017 and in 2019 held a competition to create a logo and give [...]


Kathe’s new life

2022-07-31T18:53:38+01:00Saturday, 21 August, 2021|

Sometimes we don't value what we achieve in our day-to-day lives; it is good to look back and remember cases like that of "Kathe", confiscated from a village where she was tied up after losing her family to poachers who trade and consume chimpanzee meat. Today "Kathe" is part of a social group of chimpanzees [...]


New t‑shirts designed by Pilarín Bayés

2022-07-31T18:51:26+01:00Saturday, 21 August, 2021|

We bring you a very special campaign because those of us who founded SOS Primates have grown up with the illustrated books of Pilarín Bayés. Who would have thought that one day we would collaborate with her. Pilarín has lent us some original illustrations and we have made some very cool T-shirts, which represent a [...]


We already have a 2022 calendar!

2022-07-31T18:59:35+01:00Wednesday, 11 August, 2021|

As you know, the main reason for creating SOS Primates was to help the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, as two of the founders of our NGO had been in situ helping at different times. You are part of our desire to help other primate rehabilitation centres and/or sanctuaries, as the conservation of primate species is something [...]


SOS Primate Masks

2022-07-31T18:57:29+01:00Wednesday, 11 August, 2021|

We would like to stop advertising masks for donations, which would mean that the pandemic is over, but unfortunately, it is still here and we must continue to protect ourselves. If at the same time you protect yourself and those around you, you want to help the women with functional diversity who make these masks [...]


New SOSlidary raffle

2022-07-31T18:55:41+01:00Wednesday, 11 August, 2021|

The CRPL, Lwiro Primates, not only houses 98 chimpanzees orphaned as a result of bushmeat consumption and pet trade but also more than 105 cercopithecine primates of 13 different species (commonly known as monkeys). In addition, there are about 40 confiscated Congo grey parrots, and some tortoises and snakes. Therefore we need donations to support [...]