The CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, not only hou­ses 98 chim­pan­zees orpha­ned as a result of bush­meat con­sum­ption and pet tra­de but also more than 105 cer­co­pithe­ci­ne pri­ma­tes of 13 dif­fe­rent spe­cies (com­monly known as mon­keys). In addi­tion, the­re are about 40 con­fis­ca­ted Con­go grey parrots, and some tor­to­ises and snakes.

The­re­fo­re we need dona­tions to sup­port so many ani­mals. SOS Pri­ma­tes is orga­ni­sing a raf­fle for the 20th of Sep­tem­ber, with a lot of pri­zes that you can see in the atta­ched pho­to. Par­ti­ci­pa­ting only costs 1 euro dona­tion and we can assign you your num­ber here or by email at

The­re are only 49 of the 200 num­bers left to assign.

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