As you know, the main reason for crea­ting SOS Pri­ma­tes was to help the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, as two of the foun­ders of our NGO had been in situ hel­ping at dif­fe­rent times.

You are part of our desire to help other pri­ma­te reha­bi­li­ta­tion cen­tres and/or sanc­tua­ries, as the con­ser­va­tion of pri­ma­te spe­cies is something glo­bal, exis­ting in all con­ti­nents whe­re endan­ge­red spe­cies live and under various threats of anth­ro­po­ge­nic ori­gin. The­re­fo­re, the SOS Pri­ma­tes 2022 calen­dar is based on the “Lola ya Bono­bo Sanc­tuary” in DR Con­go, the only bono­bo sanc­tuary in the world. All dona­tions collec­ted will go towards res­cuing bono­bos orpha­ned due to ille­gal traf­fic­king, pro­vi­ding them with care at the sanc­tuary until nee­ded, and retur­ning them to the wild when possible.

We have pre­pa­red it with a lot of love, and we hope you like it. This year it’s also bilin­gual (Spa­nish-English or Spa­nish-French) so that we can increa­se the ran­ge of dis­tri­bu­tion to the who­le world and our help has a grea­ter impact. It has been joint work with the Friends of Bono­bos asso­cia­tion and we thank all tho­se invol­ved in its ela­bo­ra­tion, espe­cially S.Nowak.

You can order yours at for a dona­tion of 10 euros (ship­ping not included).