SOS Primates wishes you a Merry Christmas

2022-04-20T07:43:09+01:00Friday, 24 December, 2021|

SOS Primates wishes you happy holidays despite the health situation. The year is almost over, but you can keep helping us by ordering your gifts on our website We are working hard in the final stretch to get contributions for the upcoming annual donation to the CRPL, Lwiro Primates. This year the calendars will [...]


Our partner Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura

2022-04-20T07:36:01+01:00Tuesday, 21 December, 2021|

Today we bring you a campaign alongside a significant partner Oasis Wildlife Fuerteventura, a zoological and rehabilitation centre for fauna and flora located on the canary island of Fuerteventura. Oasis Wildlife is committed to preserving wildlife and maintaining the bond with the culture and traditional identity of the island and the rest of the [...]


SOS Primates calendars

2022-04-20T07:33:55+01:00Monday, 20 December, 2021|

We want to thank the Zoo de Barcelona, awareness-raising shop, managed by Premium Merchandising, for distributing the SOS Primates 2022 solidarity calendars. The donations raised will go to the Lola ya Bonobo Sanctuary in DR Congo, the only bonobo sanctuary in the world. The donations will help rescue orphaned bonobos from illegal trafficking, caring for [...]


Assigned numbers for the next SOSlidary raffle

2022-04-20T07:31:33+01:00Friday, 17 December, 2021|

All numbers for December 23rd SOS Primates raffle are assigned. Look your name up, and good luck to all! The prize includes: -the only copy of the original illustration made by Pilarín Bayés for our NGO -triptych world map poster -giant teddy bear -camera case and bag -“Los pensadores de la jungla” book by Ger [...]