Fridge magnets from SOS Primates

2022-11-22T20:46:43+01:00Sunday, 27 February, 2022|

Today we show you the fridge magnets made by a contributor who prefers to remain anonymous. She is a real artist when it comes to recycling materials. With tetra bricks, she makes the protective folder with the fridge magnet that you can see, representing different primates. She uses the paper bags to line the folder [...]


Meet the gorillas and chimps through SOS Primates and Dinka Travel

2022-04-16T20:45:59+01:00Saturday, 26 February, 2022|

Today we announce our new project. We'll be taking a 12 day trip to Uganda with the Dinka Travel aagency, to watch gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, and chimps, in the Kibale National Park. Perhaps it'll be possible to observe other wildlife, like rhinos, giraffes, elephants, or shoebill birds. And also to visit [...]


SOS Primates Collaborates with “BOOM

2022-04-13T09:31:08+01:00Sunday, 20 February, 2022|

The SOS Primates team is proud to have been consulted technical information about primates by some TV producers, specifically in competitions. For example,  in the television contest "BOOM", we were asked which was the correct answer. This demonstrates that we are trusted by these TV producers. Our NGO doesn't cease to grow. Primates of the CRPL center, [...]


SOS Primates in Pallejà’s 5th Pro-animal Fair

2022-04-13T08:46:06+01:00Monday, 14 February, 2022|

Today we were also at the 5th Pro-animal Fair in Pallejà (Barcelona) with a stand where we shared our work and collected donations for the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, in the DR Congo. The fair was organised by  Sos ladridos and we would like to thank all of you who came and [...]


International Day of Women and Girls in Science

2022-04-13T08:47:23+01:00Friday, 11 February, 2022|

Today, February 11th, marks the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Many male scientists and inventors are remembered, but very little is known about the great female scientists. At SOS Primates we believe in gender equality, in fact, 90% of our team is made up of women. On a day like today, one [...]


Three people that help SOS Primates. Would you like to join us too?

2022-04-13T10:45:49+01:00Thursday, 10 February, 2022|

Today we bring you another video about 3 people who help us that are an example of solidarity and commitment for SOS Primates. Lucía Gandarillas, Xesca León and Carme Vidal, who encouraged us to create the project in 2012, in our volunteer experience at the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, in DR Congo. You can [...]


Choosing postcards responsibly

2022-04-26T07:29:36+01:00Thursday, 10 February, 2022|

Little orphans need to rest and sleep for many hours, just like human primates. That is how they recover the energy to keep going. They also recover emotionally after the trauma of being snatched away from their mothers. You can see little Mazingira, in the photo, of the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, surrendering to Morfeo’s arms. [...]


Mama wins the Goya

2022-04-13T08:43:47+01:00Friday, 4 February, 2022|

Yesterday we watched a Goya award ceremony full of emotion, and we were attentive to see the award winner for the best documentary short, which finally and as we wished, was for MAMA, by Pablo de la Chica. It was very emotional to see the entire team receive the award and our colleagues Itsaso Vélez [...]


Get to know volunteer Luisa Martínez

2022-04-26T07:28:20+01:00Wednesday, 2 February, 2022|

Today we want to introduce Luisa Martínez, a friend and volunteer who, besides loving primates, helps SOS Primates in tasks like organising talks and delivery of merchandising or lottery tickets. Having worked with primates in her career as a veterinary assistant and also in many collaborations with zoologic institutions (veterinary interventions and caretaker) and was [...]