Are primates able to overcome their traumas?

Like human beings, pri­ma­tes could pos­sibly reco­ver and build resi­lien­ce from trau­ma­tic expe­rien­ces; even if we can’t read their mind to know so. Becau­se we work with them, we know it is highly possible…

It’s incre­di­ble to watch ‘Gari’ (in the pho­to) pla­ying with other chimps in the exte­rior faci­li­ties after the horri­ble situa­tion he expe­rien­ced. He was res­cued by the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes after he was found tied in a villa­ge. He had an uncer­tain futu­re back then. Thank­fully though, the cen­ter was able to make him smi­le again.

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