We begin the week with announ­ce­ments. We’d like to sha­re the num­ber that we obtai­ned during 2022 for our refe­ren­ce cen­tre: the Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre, in the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of Congo.

Thanks to tho­se who hel­ped us, we’­ve gathe­red a total of 13.387’8 €, which will be inves­ted in the nou­rish­ment expen­ses of the more than 200 orphan pri­ma­tes that live in this pla­ce. You can ima­gi­ne the amount in kilo­grams of food that they need to feed such a quan­tity of ani­mals. They must take into account the fruits, vege­ta­bles, and cereals. Besi­des, the little ones need baby food and breast­milk adap­ted to their age.

A chim­pan­zee con­su­mes about 5 kg of food per day. The­re­fo­re, the cen­tre has to buy more than 3.000kg of food per week from local farms, which gives eco­no­mic sup­port to the peo­ple of Con­go. We thank dearly tho­se who help us by being the­re, espe­cially god­pa­rents, tea­mers, volun­teers, and the Board of SOS Primates.

In other news, this week we’ll announ­ce another digit achie­ved through the cam­paign “This year SOS Pri­ma­tes colla­bo­ra­tes with”.

Happy week!