We have beco­me asto­nished the­se days by the news that peo­ple in the Uni­ted Sta­tes, Uni­ted King­dom, or Cana­da pay money from their homes to tor­tu­rers in Indo­ne­sia, so they hurt maca­que offs­pring, and film the extre­mely bru­tal torture.

We won’t play the films here, nor will sha­re any ima­ges, becau­se in SOS Pri­ma­tes we con­si­der that it’s a way to extend the terri­ble news that in one way or another bene­fit the per­ver­se act.

That is pre­ci­sely another threat for pri­ma­tes, humans that wants to win trophies or satisfy their pri­mi­ti­ve ins­tin­cts. We hope that the law will follow the impli­ca­ted indi­vi­duals and that an ani­mal cen­ter takes care of the primates.

We wish you a happy wee­kend with the pho­to of Brian Mann of inno­cent offs­pring, and we encou­ra­ge you to volun­teer with us and impro­ve the life qua­lity of primates.

For exam­ple, you can request the book­marks with pho­tos of the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, in the DRCon­go, made by our collea­gue Anna Sevi­lla, and you’ll be hel­ping to save lives.

1 euro as a dona­tion for each book­mark. More infor­ma­tion at info@sosprimates.org