This wee­kend we deli­ve­red the pri­zes of the SOS Pri­ma­tes raf­fles of March and June. Vane­sa won the one of March, and many of our volun­teers sent her the pri­ze to the For­tu­na­te Isles.

By the way, if you go to Tene­ri­fe, we requi­re help to ship mate­rial for our NGO.

Auro­ra Pazos, SOS Pri­ma­tes’ secre­tary deli­ve­red the lot to Jai­me, who always colla­bo­ra­tes in the SOS­li­dary raf­fles in Barcelona. 

In the pho­tos, the win­ners pose for the pic­tu­re with some of their prizes.

We already have avai­la­ble the next raf­fle, to be cele­bra­ted 29th of Sep­tem­ber, 2023. The dona­tions are des­ti­ned to save the oran­gu­tans of the Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion.

You can reser­ve your num­ber for 1 dona­tion of 1 euro. Con­tact us at