Replacement in the SOS Primates’ Board

2023-08-14T08:44:39+01:00Monday, 14 August, 2023|

Today we announce a change in SOS Primates regarding its internal organization. Laia Dotras, one of its cofounders, will leave the Board after working greatly during all these years, and her position will be occupied by one of our firm collaborators, Almudena Hernández. The association was founded in 2012 by Laia Dotras and Raúl Cabrera, [...]


SOSlidary Calendars 2024

2023-08-09T08:30:36+01:00Wednesday, 9 August, 2023|

One of the threats primates suffer is deforestation due to forest fires. They kill plants, trees, and animals, and the natural parks and protected areas become wastelands. That's why these zones have to prepare adequate equipment for their protection, environmental education must be reinforced (most forest fires are caused by humans) and sanctions for pyromaniacs [...]


Activities With SOS Primates’ Volunteers

2023-08-09T08:22:14+01:00Wednesday, 9 August, 2023|

SOS Primates is conformed of a consistent group of people that dedicate their free time to helping primates in need. We try at least one time a year to spend a workday knowing a project and having a good time together. On the last occasion, we visited the primate recovery center of the MONA Foundation, [...]


Show off your SOSlidary T‑shirt

2023-08-09T08:03:55+01:00Wednesday, 9 August, 2023|

Did you know that the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre, CRPL, Lwiro Primates employs 54 local people in the form of caretakers, vets, security staff, kitchen staff, cleaners and others? They all receive a monthly salary, health care for themselves and their families, plus a meal at the centre every day. This, which seems trivial to [...]


SOSlidary T‑shirts

2023-08-01T18:42:28+01:00Tuesday, 1 August, 2023|

Did you know that the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre, CRPL, Lwiro Primates, uses 4,000 kg of fruit, vegetables and other food (eggs, cereals...) weekly to feed the more than 200 primates it houses, like "Kyungu" in the photo? The food is bought from local farmers, many of them women, so this strengthens the local economy. [...]