SOS Pri­ma­tes is con­for­med of a con­sis­tent group of peo­ple that dedi­ca­te their free time to hel­ping pri­ma­tes in need. We try at least one time a year to spend a work­day kno­wing a pro­ject and having a good time together.

On the last occa­sion, we visi­ted the pri­ma­te reco­very cen­ter of the MONA Foun­da­tion, loca­ted in Riu­de­llots de la Sel­va, Giro­na.

The­re we lear­ned about the situa­tion of pri­ma­tes that arri­ve at our bor­ders due to ille­gal traf­fic­king and to be retai­ned as pets. Some of us were able to greet “old” friends who are never forgotten 💕

Thank you to the team who make it pos­si­ble and espe­cially Arantxa, our guide.

If you would like to visit the cen­ter, you can do it through their web­si­te.

Soon we’ll orga­ni­ze a mor­ning geta­way one wee­kend, to visit a hor­se sanc­tuary in the Bar­ce­lo­na pro­vin­ce, and on this occa­sion, we would like to invi­te all of you who want to par­ti­ci­pa­te. A dona­tion of 5 euros des­ti­ned for the cen­ter will be reques­ted, and to tho­se of you who don’t know us, we will also explain more details about our project.

✍️ To enroll you can send an email to