Did you know that the Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre, CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes employs 54 local peo­ple in the form of care­ta­kers, vets, secu­rity staff, kit­chen staff, clea­ners and others?

They all recei­ve a monthly salary, health care for them­sel­ves and their fami­lies, plus a meal at the cen­tre every day.

This, which seems tri­vial to us in the West, is not so in deve­lo­ping coun­tries, whe­re some­ti­mes peo­ple (even chil­dren) can only have access to one meal a day.

This human group does its best, together with the expa­tria­te staff, to keep the more than 200 pri­ma­tes hou­sed in the cen­tre as well as pos­si­ble, but occa­sio­nally they suf­fer the loss of some of tho­se who have been admit­ted in very bad con­di­tion or have fallen ill once the­re, as was the case with little “Tsho­po”, who did not make it.

The sum of the monthly expen­di­tu­re on sala­ries for the local staff amounts to around 5,600 euros.

That is why it is so impor­tant for us at SOS Pri­ma­tes to help.

With a ges­tu­re as sim­ple as asking for a T‑shirt for a dona­tion of 10 euros, you are hel­ping the­se orphans and also the local community.

Peo­ple like Mano­lín and his family, Sol and Marc or Sil­via have already colla­bo­ra­ted with us and at the same time they par­ti­ci­pa­te in the con­test that we explain here.

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