We have already pre­pa­red the Christ­mas Lot­tery of SOS Pri­ma­tes to help, on this occa­sion, the Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion to save three spe­cies of oran­gu­tans in Bor­neo and Sumatra.

The num­ber is the same as always, and surely this year it’s our turn 😃

You can already request your par­ti­ci­pa­tion of 3 euros( 2’50 for the lot­tery and 0,50 as a dona­tion to the oran­gu­tans and local communities).

If you think you can help us to pla­ce bet­ween fami­lies, friends, or your busi­ness, con­tact us at info@sosprimates.org, and remem­ber we can deli­ver it to you or guard it so you don’t pay for the shipment.

Dare to play the most SOS­li­dary lottery! 💚