Another threat pri­ma­tes face is domes­ti­ca­tion, the demand for offs­pring by peo­ple who pay dea­lers to keep them as pets. 

Pri­ma­tes are power­ful, gro­wing up they may gene­ra­te risks, they are pos­ses­si­ve, and in a hou­se, they can’t satisfy their die­tary, spa­tial, socia­li­za­tion, and caring requirements.

Besi­des, it’s not ethi­cal. Also, you know that to obtain offs­pring like the one in the pic­tu­re, they have to kill the mother becau­se she would­n’t give it willingly without figh­ting until death.

In the pic­tu­re on the right, the offs­pring is being expo­sed in an Asian shop­ping cen­ter to exploit it eco­no­mi­cally, which in turn gene­ra­tes more demand for it.

SOS Pri­ma­tes is firmly against kee­ping exo­tic ani­mals as pets.

The next SOS­li­dary raf­fle, from which we already have the num­bers assig­ned, will be cele­bra­ted 29th of Sep­tem­ber, 2023.

The funds gathe­red through the raf­fles are des­ti­ned to save the oran­gu­tans in Indo­ne­sia ( from Bor­neo and Suma­tra). The NGO that will recei­ve said dona­tions is the Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion.

The pri­ze includes:
-Oran­gu­tan stuf­fed animal
-Afri­can zebra mask
-Hand­ma­de cand­le from soy, gif­ted by our collea­gue Irene
- Set of stic­kers of mammals
-Still life pain­ting, gif­ted by R.Puignou
-Copi­to de Nie­ve poster
-Hand­ma­de cera­mic figure
-Gru­po Lur Tera­pia y Edu­ca­ción bag
-Suma­tran Rhino Con­ser­va­tion shirt
-4-lea­ves lucky clover
-Hand­ma­de wrist­band from plants, from Borneo
-Hand­ma­de and pain­ted jewelry box
-Long-slee­ved polo shirt for ska­te followers
- Cabár­ceno ashtray
-Hat, glo­ves, and scarf
   The lucky num­ber will be the one that mat­ches the last 3 digits of the 1st pri­ze of the ONCE raf­fle on the cited day. If the num­ber is grea­ter than 199, mul­ti­ples of 2 will be sub­trac­ted to the hun­dreds digit until the num­ber corres­ponds to the ran­ge (0–199).
Search your num­ber and good luck:
From 000 to oo4 Son­so­les Martín
005 and 006 Almu Royán
007 Car­les Pérez
008 and 009 José L. Cabrera
010 and 011 Ángel Fernández
012, 048 and 049 Juan Ureña
013 Miriam Sáez
014, 037, 052, 053 and 054 José Ramón Palomar
015 and 016 Che­lo Plaza
017 and 018 Ana Ruiz
019 Marián­ge­les Huzman
020 Xevi Peypoch
021 and 107 J. Luis López
From 022 to 024 Ampa­ro Oltra
025 Vic­to­ria San­ta Teresita
026 J. Luis Espinosa
027 and 028 Shirly Nowak
029 Quim Fargas
030 Mano­lo Cabrera
031 Nuria Triana
From 032 to 036 Andrea García
From 038 to 047 Eva María Sán­chez Sanguiño
050 and 051 Bar­to­lo­mé S.
From 055 to 059 Mari­sa Martínez
060 Mer­cè Cabrera
 From 061 to 063 Javier Cabrera
 From 64 to 066 Luis Cabrera
 From 067 to 086 José Luis Menoyo
From 087 to 096 and from 114 to 123 Angé­li­ca María Cavi­chio­li Marín
097 Lidia Valencia
From 098 to 100 Sonia Campayo
101 Luis Callejo
From 102 to 104 Juan Car­los Giménez
105 and 106 Ire­ne Vélez
108 Ana San­to­mé Estévez
From 109 to 113 Mòni­ca Padilla
From 124 to 126 Raquel Fer­nán­dez Ruiz
From 127 to 129 Sara Segura
From130 to 134 María Fer­nán­dez Ruiz
135 Enric Coello
136 Laia Roca
From 137 to 146 Xes­ca León
147 Enric Llorca
From 148 to 152 Ánge­les Ruiz
153 Yas Carbonell
154 and 155 Sol Comino
From 156 to 160 José L. Ferrer
From 161 to 165 Capi
From 166 to 170 Belén Sinués
171 and 172 Mari­bel Fernández
173 Con­cha Cantina
From 174 to 198 Lau­ra Gar­cía Broto
199 Jym­mi Marulanda