Thanks to the sup­port gathe­red from the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, the impres­si­ve amount of 52.500 euros was gathe­red by 909 donors in #Giving­Day­fo­rA­pes, the highest and record-brea­king amount of donors.

The gathe­red funds will cover the essen­tial costs of the sanc­tuary during the next five months, making sure that more than 200 orphan pri­ma­tes recei­ve the care they deserve.

In SOS Pri­ma­tes we also bro­ke a new record, becau­se, from the men­tio­ned quan­tity, 4.078 euros came from your donations.

Thank you very much to tho­se who dona­ted anony­mously. Also to Chris­ti­na, Hil­de­gunn, Ana, Mòni­ca, Gra­cie­la, Nau­si­ca, Auro­ra, Jai­me, and Raúl. And to all of you who con­tri­bu­ted by sharing.