We’­ve already deli­ve­red the pri­ze of the SOS­li­dary raf­fle cele­bra­ted past Sep­tem­ber 29th. The num­ber that won ended in 311, the­re­fo­re, it was 111 accor­ding to the ran­ge of our raf­fle, and the win­ner was Mòni­ca Padilla.

Thanks to all the participants!

You can already check out the next one, which will take pla­ce on Decem­ber 21st, 2023. We’­ve already reser­ved 91 num­bers. Will you miss yours for only 1 euro as a donation?

Request it at info@sosprimates.org or through our social media.

The funds gathe­red through the raf­fles are des­ti­ned for the Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion, which fights to save from extin­ction the three oran­gu­tan spe­cies. In the pho­to is the exam of young ‘Nabi­la’, of which the staff of OF is in charge.