We are plea­sed to announ­ce that the cam­paign “This year we are colla­bo­ra­ting with…” is for the Cat Ba Lan­gur Con­ser­va­tion Pro­ject, which is dedi­ca­ted to pre­ser­ving one of the most endan­ge­red pri­ma­tes, the Cat Ba Lan­gur. They only live on the island of the same name in Viet­nam, whe­re less than 100 indi­vi­duals live.

If you con­tri­bu­te to SOS Pri­ma­tes through the 2025 calen­dar, the Christ­mas lot­tery, or the SOS­li­dary raf­fles, you will be hel­ping this uni­que and much-nee­ded species.

The next raf­fle is on April 5, the­re are 15 days left and still 31 num­bers to be deli­ve­red. Each num­ber costs 1 euro and you can win all the items you see in the file. We will post­po­ne the draw if we don’t sell all the numbers.

Can you help us by pur­cha­sing one or by sha­ring? Orders can be made here or at info@sosprimates.org