Today we have terri­ble news…
Little Lubim­bi has finally pas­sed away. Des­pi­te the inten­si­ve care pro­vi­ded at CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, in the DRCon­go, the trau­ma and abo­ve all his health pro­blems have taken their toll.
The necropsy has shown various inju­ries that need further exa­mi­na­tion, but one has been very clear: hepatitis.
R.I.P. Lulim­bi, you should never have left your family group or the forests to which you belon­ged. We hope this will never hap­pen again, and that human pri­ma­tes chan­ge their way of life once and for all.
Lots of encou­ra­ge­ment to the team in the DRCon­go, here at SOS Pri­ma­tes we con­ti­nue wor­king to sup­port you.
If you want to con­tri­bu­te your bit, spon­sor a chim­pan­zee and you will be hel­ping all the young ones that enter CRPL.