We’ll be sho­wing roses soon for the Saint Jor­di holi­day, April 23rd, in Bar­ce­lo­na, Paseo del Born, 30 Bar­ce­lo­na. You can either pick them up in per­son or request them pre­viously and we’ll try to offer you deli­very service.

Remem­ber our roses are uni­que, hand­ma­de with natu­ral mate­rials, without plas­tic, and com­ple­tely altruistic.

All we gather will be des­ti­ned to cover the nou­rish­ment expen­ses of the more than 200 orpha­ned pri­ma­tes of the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, in the DRCon­go, like Tony, in the photo.

Besi­des, we don’t for­get the human popu­la­tion; the cen­ter sup­ports the local com­mu­nity through its 45 wor­kers and the food it buys from the local farmers.

We’ll inform you when we have all the details of the roses, but you can request yours at info@sosprimates.org.