SOS Pri­ma­tes is made up of a mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­nary team of com­mit­ted peo­ple who work in the fields of pri­ma­to­logy, ani­mal well­being and bio­di­ver­sity con­ser­va­tion. The majo­rity have wor­ked and hel­ped in pri­ma­te res­cue cen­tres in various coun­tries, expe­rien­cing first-hand the situa­tion facing this group of ani­mals. In fact, it was at the Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre, in the east of the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of the Con­go, that the idea to crea­te SOS Pri­ma­tes was born, due to the cons­tant arri­val of baby chim­pan­zees from the ille­gal traf­fic­king industry and the urgent need for more finan­cial help to allow the pro­ject to con­ti­nue. This is how our two co-foun­ders, Laia Dotras and Raúl Cabre­ra, foun­ded SOS Pri­ma­tes in 2012, with the aim of edu­ca­ting peo­ple about the dif­fe­rent issues affec­ting pri­ma­tes and sup­por­ting pro­jects wor­king to con­ser­ve the­se spe­cies. Accom­pa­nied by peo­ple with other skills who want to help the cau­se in their own way, we hope to con­ti­nue gro­wing and to be able to count on your support.

Meet our team

Raúl Cabrera
Raúl Cabre­raPre­si­dent and co-founder

A gra­dua­te of Bio­logy from the Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lo­na, Raúl has wor­ked with pri­ma­tes sin­ce late 1997, and his career reflects his vast expe­rien­ce wor­king with pri­ma­tes in cap­ti­vity as well as in con­ser­va­tion pro­jects in the coun­tries whe­re they live: Head of Kee­pers at the Mona Foun­da­tion Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre (Giro­na), Pri­ma­te Kee­per at Las Águi­las Jun­gle Park (Tene­ri­fe), the Zoo-Aqua­rium of Madrid, and currently Bar­ce­lo­na Zoo, whe­re he began. He has carried out periods of study at renow­ned pri­ma­te cen­tres in Euro­pe, inclu­ding the: Durrell Wild­li­fe Pre­ser­va­tion Trust (Great Bri­tain), Mon­key World (Great Bri­tain), Apenheul (Holland), whi­le at the same time co-ope­ra­ting with con­ser­va­tion cen­tres in situ, inclu­ding the Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion (Bor­neo, Indo­ne­sia), Lim­be Wild­li­fe Cen­ter (Came­roon), Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre (Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of the Con­go), Lola Ya Bono­bo Sanc­tuary (Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of the Con­go) and the Endan­ge­red Pri­ma­te Res­cue Cen­ter (Viet­nam).

Laia Dotras
Laia DotrasSecre­tary and co-founder

A gra­dua­te of Bio­logy and Mas­ter of Pri­ma­to­logy from the Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lo­na, Laia was the Pre­si­dent of SOS Pri­ma­tes from 2012 to 2017. She is the current pre­si­dent of the Jane Goo­dall Ins­ti­tu­te Spain. Her first steps in the world of pri­ma­to­logy were in 2002 as a resear­cher at the Research and Etho­logy Unit at the Mona Foun­da­tion, cen­tre whe­re she also under­took a volun­teer pla­ce­ment as a pri­ma­te kee­per. Sin­ce then, she has wor­ked and colla­bo­ra­ted on chim­pan­zee reha­bi­li­ta­tion and con­ser­va­tion pro­jects in Sie­rra Leo­ne (Tacu­ga­ma Chim­pan­zee Sanc­tuary) and the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of the Con­go (Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre). She has also par­ti­ci­pa­ted in edu­ca­tion con­fe­ren­ces for the con­ser­va­tion of pri­ma­tes at PASA (Pan Afri­can Sanc­tua­ries Allian­ce) in South Afri­ca and Ugan­da. She currently forms part of the tea­ching staff on the Mas­ter of Pri­ma­to­logy orga­ni­sed by the Uni­ver­sity of Giro­na and the Mona Foundation.

Aurora Pazos
Auro­ra PazosTrea­su­rer

Auro­ra is a gra­dua­te of Bio­logy from the Auto­no­mous Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lo­na, with a Mas­ter of Bio­di­ver­sity from the Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lo­na and a Cer­ti­fi­ca­te of Apti­tu­de for the Tea­ching of Scien­ces from the Auto­no­mous Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lo­na. She also holds other qua­li­fi­ca­tions as a Vete­ri­nary Tech­ni­cal Assis­tant, an Ani­mal Assis­ted The­rapy Assis­tant (Gru­po Lur) and Direc­tor of Free Time Moni­tors. In 2001 she began wor­king as an Edu­ca­tor at the Bar­ce­lo­na Zoo, Depart­ment of Edu­ca­tion, whe­re she star­ted out as a volun­teer in 1998. She currently works as a Vete­ri­nary Assis­tant at the same orga­ni­sa­tion. Bet­ween 2004 and 2007 she under­took a volun­teer pla­ce­ment as a kee­per at the Mona Foun­da­tion Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre. She is a com­mit­tee mem­ber of AICAS (Ibe­rian Asso­cia­tion of Wild Ani­mal Kee­pers), as well as wor­king on its Edu­ca­tion coun­ter­part as secre­tary. She has colla­bo­ra­ted with SOS Pri­ma­tes sin­ce it was foun­ded, wor­king on the various tasks nee­ded for the orga­ni­sa­tion to grow.

Almudena Hernandez
Almu­de­na Her­nan­dezVolun­teer

Almu­de­na is one of our grea­test sup­ports at SOS Pri­ma­tes. Her par­ti­ci­pa­tion in various tasks (com­mu­ni­ca­tion, admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks, mai­ling, crea­tion of art­work, event plan­ning…) has been extre­mely impor­tant and is without doubt a great exam­ple of the com­mit­ment of our volun­teers at SOS Pri­ma­tes. She is a Gra­dua­te of Edu­ca­tion from Rey Juan Car­los Uni­ver­sity and a Vete­ri­nary Stu­dent at the Com­plu­ten­se Uni­ver­sity of Madrid. She has stu­died various trai­ning cour­ses about pri­ma­tes, mari­ne mam­mals and other spe­cies at Sea­Wol­ves, as well the Vete­ri­nary Cli­nic Hos­pi­tal of Madrid.

Our team in Spain
Our team in Spain

In Bar­ce­lo­na and Madrid, SOS Pri­ma­tes works with peo­ple com­mit­ted to our cau­se who dedi­ca­te their various abi­li­ties, their energy and their free time to hel­ping the orga­ni­sa­tion achie­ve its aims. In fact, every per­son who makes up SOS Pri­ma­tes is a volun­teer. We are moti­va­ted by our desire to help impro­ve the dif­fi­cult situa­tions faced by many pri­ma­te spe­cies, rai­sing awa­re­ness and funds to help put a stop to poa­ching and ille­gal traf­fic­king, wor­king with res­cue cen­tres in situ, in par­ti­cu­lar the Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre , in the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of the Congo.
We are currently loo­king for peo­ple who would like to work with us carrying out trans­la­tions, desig­ning mate­rials and hel­ping with admi­nis­tra­ti­ve tasks. If you would like to join our team, plea­se wri­te to us at

Our team in Lwiro
Our team in Lwiro

The Lwi­ro Pri­ma­te Reha­bi­li­ta­tion Cen­tre (CRPL) works with an incre­di­ble team of 55 wor­kers who dedi­ca­te their enti­re lives to the resi­dent pri­ma­tes. Some of them have been part of the pro­ject sin­ce the first chim­pan­zee arri­ved in 2002! The team is divi­ded into three groups: the vete­ri­nary team, in char­ge of moni­to­ring the health of all the ani­mals, the chim­pan­zee kee­pers, who care for and ensu­re the well­being of the more than 90 res­cued chim­pan­zees with great pro­fes­sio­na­lism, and the mon­key kee­pers, highly trai­ned in the hand­ling and com­plex care of the various spe­cies who resi­de the­re. The kit­chen and logis­tics team allows for all the pri­ma­tes to recei­ve a varied and balan­ced diet, pre­pa­ring the six daily meals which the mon­keys and chim­pan­zees recei­ve. Sin­ce August 2015 the CRPL has been direc­ted by the Bas­que bio­lo­gist Itsa­so Vélez del Bur­go Guinea.