Today we’re intro­du­cing you to some more friends of SOS Pri­ma­tes: Miriam Fer­nán­dez, volun­teer and spon­sor of little “Mado”, José Anto­nio Peña, cons­tant sup­por­ter of our asso­cia­tion, and Raúl Cabre­ra, pre­si­dent of SOS Pri­ma­tes. They all do their bit so the asso­cia­tion can con­ti­nue gro­wing and so we can con­ti­nue sup­por­ting Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, and little by little other pri­ma­te sanc­tua­ries and reha­bi­li­ta­tion centres.

Thank you to them and to our other sup­por­ters who you will get to know in the future.

If they have moti­va­ted you to help us, you can see how in the “Sup­port us” sec­tion of our website.