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Hospital Ars Veterinaria, new supporter of our SOSlidarity Donation Boxes

2021-01-16T17:10:24+01:00Saturday, 16 January, 2021|

We're starting the year by introducing another supporter of our "SOSlidarity Donation Boxes" campaign, the Ars Veterinary Hospital, an excellent veterinary hospital in Barcelona, with 24h service, specialising in diseases affecting dogs and cats and in business since 1978. The teamis made up of more than 70 professionals with the goal of offering the highest [...]


Chain of Favours

2021-01-16T17:04:21+01:00Saturday, 16 January, 2021|

We know that movement restrictions are a part of life in this situation on an international scale, which we of course understand and share. However, there is inevitably going to be movement on some occasions, or when the pandemic settles down. We want to share our "Chain of Favours" project with you, to transport SOS [...]


SOS ROADSIGN posters by Dani Muñoz

2021-01-16T17:00:01+01:00Saturday, 16 January, 2021|

We present to you these beautiful posters made entirely by hand by our supporter Dani Muñoz. To make them he uses recycled pallets and personalises them with the silhouette of your favourite primate (or other animal) so you can display them in your house or garden. He has gifted us this one inspired by a [...]


Seven chimpanzees were rescued in 2020

2021-01-16T16:53:22+01:00Saturday, 16 January, 2021|

Despite movement difficulties caused by the pandemic, 7 infant chimpanzees were rescued by Lwiro Primates, which almost certainly means the death of more than 50 adults by poachers  for bushmeat and the sale of these little ones. She has arrived at the CRPL wounded, weak, very thin and quite traumatized, as you can [...]


Thanks to Pau and to Una Vida Online for their altruism

2021-01-01T11:52:53+01:00Thursday, 31 December, 2020|

Today, as another orphan infant chimpanzee makes their way towards the CRPL, there is all the more reason to give special thanks to an incredibly generous person and project who have made a considerable donation to SOS Primates in the last few days. This donation is going to make a huge difference for our organisation, in [...]


Two generous collaborators with SOS Primates

2020-12-28T11:38:16+01:00Monday, 28 December, 2020|

Today we want to thank two people who, through their generosity, have allowed us to be a part of acts of solidarity in Barcelona and Madrid respectively; Carmen Arija, for lending us her tent and tables for our events in Madrid, and Xesca León, for the same thing but in Barcelona. Carmen is in charge of [...]


This Christmas, give the gift of handmade crafts from the Congo

2020-12-12T12:15:14+01:00Tuesday, 1 December, 2020|

It’s almost that time of year when all of us have to organise gifts… We ask you to consider giving these crafts handmade in the Congo this Christmas season. By choosing them you will be helping the Heri Kwetu Disabled Women’s Centre, who make these works of art by hand, as well as the orphan primates [...]


Get the Heri Kwetu nativity

2020-12-12T12:13:31+01:00Friday, 27 November, 2020|

This Christmas season is unusual… perhaps the only thing that can change things is preparing a completely unique and original nativity. Handmade by women with various disabilities at the “Heri Kwetu” Centre in Bukavu, Congo, it is an authentic gift. Get yours for a donation of €40.95 (shipping not included). Help primates and this local Congolese [...]


Exhibition “Monkeys: A History of Primates”

2020-12-12T12:11:57+01:00Friday, 27 November, 2020|

You have until November 29th to visit the “Monkeys: A History of Primates” exhibition (in Barcelona) which shows the diversity of species, their relationship with us, their behaviour and how we can help save them from extinction.  There are 60 natural specimens under the care of specialists from the National Museum of Scotland, as well as [...]