Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes is con­ti­nuing in its daily efforts to care for more than 200 pri­ma­tes. Wor­king whi­le wea­ring a mask and extra pro­tec­tion is more tiring for ever­yo­ne, but the team con­ti­nue to stay alert to any beha­viou­ral or fee­ding chan­ges, for exam­ple in this red-tai­led monkey.

Here at SOS Pri­ma­tes we’re still wor­king hard to rai­se money for Lwi­ro through our roses cam­paign, and today we’re intro­du­cing the book published by our friend and sup­por­ter Maria Va-luènh Piren­ne, titled “Adopt a Life: The Story of FRÈRE”, based on the story of a cham­pion show­jum­ping hor­se, aban­do­ned by his owner when he was diag­no­sed with arth­ri­tis. It’s a story of over­co­ming cha­llen­ges, friendship, love and Irish dan­cing. When she moves to the country­si­de with her grand­father, the pro­ta­go­nist has to learn to be the new girl in her class, to be friends with a boy with Asper­gers and to care for this hor­se living in a shel­ter. She ends up adop­ting him after first con­vin­cing him to accept her.

For a dona­tion of €15 (ship­ping not inclu­ded) you can order yours at info@sosprimates.org and 10% of the pro­ceeds will be dona­ted to our orga­ni­sa­tion. If you’re in Bar­ce­lo­na we can deli­ver it to your hou­se for free.

A huge thanks to Maria for your altruism and cons­tant support!