We will soon have a sur­pri­se rela­ting to our SOS Pri­ma­tes t‑shirts, but until then you can get the clas­sic black one, which is of high qua­lity and made in Spain, for a dona­tion of just €10. Ever­yo­ne who wor­ked to make this cam­paign a reality did so on a volun­tary basis, and with the money rai­sed we can con­ti­nue sup­por­ting Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes in their fight to res­cue ani­mals like Tar­zan, who can be seen in the pho­to, and pre­vent the disap­pea­ran­ce of pri­ma­tes from the jun­gles of the Congo.

Orders and more infor­ma­tion: info@sosprimates.org