SOS Pri­ma­tes is for­med by a net­work of dedi­ca­ted peo­ple that help in many ways.

One of them is to trans­port mate­rial of our NGO to the dif­fe­rent spots in which we have sup­port groups so all the dona­tions gathe­red with said mate­rial can reach the pri­ma­tes of the reco­very cen­ters we sup­port, like ‘Kyun­gu’, from the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, that loves grapes 💚

Thanks to this ges­tu­re we save the invest­ment in the ship­ment and we can help more primates.

Soli­dary indi­vi­duals who have already hel­ped us: Car­men, who deli­ve­red piggy banks to Mary from Ali­can­te to Madrid, or Yolan­da who sent calen­dars and lot­te­ries from Bar­ce­lo­na to Valen­cia to Mapi and Luisa.

👉 Right now we requi­re to send from Bar­ce­lo­na to Tene­ri­fe. If you dri­ve on this rou­te, con­tact us at