One of the threats pri­ma­tes suf­fer is defo­res­ta­tion due to forest fires. They kill plants, trees, and ani­mals, and the natu­ral parks and pro­tec­ted areas beco­me wastelands.

Tha­t’s why the­se zones have to pre­pa­re ade­qua­te equip­ment for their pro­tec­tion, envi­ron­men­tal edu­ca­tion must be rein­for­ced (most forest fires are cau­sed by humans) and sanc­tions for pyro­ma­niacs must be higher.

The Oran­gu­tan Foun­da­tion works to pro­tect the three oran­gu­tan spe­cies in Indo­ne­sia. And of all ages: small, juve­ni­le, and adult pri­ma­tes like ‘Niko’ (in the photo).

If you would like to help SOS Pri­ma­tes extend their aid to oran­gu­tans, help by reques­ting a 2024 calen­dar for a dona­tion of 10 euros.

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