Our values

It is very impor­tant to SOS Pri­ma­tes that we sha­re our values, so that you get to know us bet­ter and also to try and coun­ter the envi­ron­men­tal dama­ge our pla­net is suf­fe­ring. WE CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER.

SOS Pri­ma­tes is com­mit­ted to pro­mo­ting the recy­cling and reuse of all the mate­rial we use.

  • paper, avoi­ding its use as much as pos­si­ble. Whe­re it is impos­si­ble to avoid using it, reused/recycled paper is used for the mai­ling of let­ters (inclu­ding the enve­lo­pe) and noti­ces. Reused/recycled paper is also used for cour­ses and trai­ning days orga­ni­sed by the asso­cia­tion for tho­se who wish to take notes.

  • plas­tics. In our acti­vi­ties we avoid its use as much as pos­si­ble, and when we wrap our mer­chan­di­se we always use recy­cled plas­tic, or whe­re­ver pos­si­ble, paper or card­board pac­ka­ging. On cour­ses and trai­ning days we avoid pur­cha­sing pac­ka­ging as much as pos­si­ble and the pla­tes, cups and cutlery we use are made of washa­ble materials.

  • food. At the events we orga­ni­se we try as much as pos­si­ble to buy locally and res­pon­sibly, for exam­ple pre­pa­ring our own cof­fee and snacks, avoi­ding the use of palm oil (or whe­re neces­sary using oil from sus­tai­na­ble sour­ces), and offe­ring vege­ta­rian and vegan food, whi­le not for­get­ting the various food intolerances.

  • chain of favours. SOS Pri­ma­tes belie­ves in huma­nity, empathy and altruism. For this reason, when we have to make a deli­very somewhe­re, we ask if one of our acquain­tan­ces, family mem­bers or friends can help us if for some reason they are going in that direc­tion. With this chain of favours, which is not free of work for tho­se orga­ni­se or par­ti­ci­pa­te in it, we’ve saved hun­dreds of euros for the cha­rity through free deli­very and trans­port. If you are a courier or you’re going to be tra­ve­lling and you want to help us, get in touch via our email info@sosprimates.org

Another exam­ple has been the res­pon­se we’ve recei­ved when we’ve asked for pri­zes for our “sos­li­da­rity” raf­fles, or for suit­ca­ses to trans­port uni­forms for the pri­ma­te kee­pers at Afri­can res­cue cen­tres and sanc­tua­ries. The res­pon­se com­ple­tely excee­ded our expec­ta­tion and in the end we had to say that we couldn’t accept any more.

Will you com­mit to the values of SOS Primates?