SOS Pri­ma­tes has a huge num­ber of sup­por­ters. They wouldn’t all fit in one video, so we’re going to intro­du­ce them to you bit by bit. Today we intro­du­ce you to Lucía Gan­da­ri­llas, SOS Pri­ma­tes tea­mer and sup­por­ter sin­ce the begin­ning; Xes­ca León, volun­teer with our orga­ni­sa­tion; and Car­men Vidal Mar­sal, vete­ri­na­rian, pri­ma­to­lo­gist and the ins­pi­ra­tion to found the orga­ni­sa­tion in 2012 with the objec­ti­ve of hel­ping Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes and other pri­ma­te centres.

Thank you to all of them and to so many others who make our work possible.

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