Today we want to thank two peo­ple who, through their gene­ro­sity, have allo­wed us to be a part of acts of soli­da­rity in Bar­ce­lo­na and Madrid res­pec­ti­vely; Car­men Ari­ja, for len­ding us her tent and tables for our events in Madrid, and Xes­ca León, for the same thing but in Barcelona.

Car­men is in char­ge of the trai­ning orga­ni­sa­tion Sea­wol­ves, whe­re our pre­si­dent Raúl Cabre­ra has par­ti­ci­pa­ted in many pri­ma­te cour­ses as a spea­ker, and she has been a sup­por­ter of SOS Pri­ma­tes sin­ce its begin­nings. Xes­ca is a collea­gue and volun­teer with our orga­ni­sa­tion and always lends a hand whe­ne­ver she can.

We’­re so lucky to be able to count on such gene­rous peo­ple… another exam­ple of the fact that every orga­ni­sa­tion grows thanks to the help and efforts of many.

How could you help us?