Are your friends, a mem­ber of your family or even you get­ting married? Gift them the­se figu­ri­nes of a Con­go­le­se bri­de and groom, hand­ma­de by a group of women with various disa­bi­li­ties from the Heri Kwe­tu cen­tre in the Con­go, and sur­pri­se them with their ori­gi­na­lity and soli­da­rity with an impor­tant cau­se. You will be sup­por­ting this cen­tre which pro­vi­des employ­ment to women with a variety of phy­si­cal and sen­sory dif­fi­cul­ties, as well as the orphan pri­ma­tes at), Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes.

For a dona­tion of only €19 (ship­ping not inclu­ded) they can be yours.

Con­tact SOS Pri­ma­tes for more details.