On Satur­day we had our beach clea­nup day, orga­ni­sed by SOS Pri­ma­tes as part of LET’S CLEAN UP EUROPE. All habi­tats are con­nec­ted; the ocean, the forest and their inha­bi­tants, inclu­ding pri­ma­tes… even the resi­dents of Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, who we so des­pe­ra­tely want to help. That’s why we wan­ted to take this sym­bo­lic action to rai­se awa­re­ness. In a group of 12 volun­teers, we cove­red the 375m length of Pla­ya de Lle­vant in an hour and collec­ted 3.2kg of rub­bish, mainly made up of ciga­ret­te butts (517) and wipes (30).

Plea­se, let’s be res­pon­si­ble and make sure we don’t lea­ve any rub­bish on the beach. Thank you so much to our group of volun­teers who are truly ama­zing. We’ll see you at the next cleanup!