The­se days, tem­pe­ra­tu­res have been extre­mely high for all of us. Even though cli­ma­te chan­ge is regar­ded as inexis­tent, still its effects are pal­pa­ble in the rise of tem­pe­ra­tu­re.  It not only affects us but also the pri­ma­tes living in their habi­tats. For exam­ple, it chan­ges the dis­tri­bu­tion of vege­ta­bles that they feed upon. Also, the foun­tains of water they use to drink are draining.

Tha­t’s why, from SOS Pri­ma­tes, we high­light the impor­tan­ce of being eco­lo­gi­cal all around the world.

Perhaps you’ll be asking at this point: how can I be more eco­lo­gi­cal? For star­ters, regu­la­te the use of the air con­di­tio­ners; never use them on high, or when the win­dows and doors are ope­ned. If you find your­self wan­ting to do it, think about the con­se­quen­ces on wildlife!

Meanwhi­le, in the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, ‘Beni’ and ‘Mban­da­ka’ hydra­te and enter­tain them­sel­ves by pla­ying on the water foun­tain from the cen­ter. If you’d like to lend a hand, spon­sor a chim­pan­zee here.