The next SOS­li­dary Raf­fle will be on Sep­tem­ber 26th. The funds will be des­ti­ned for Lim­be Wild­li­fe Cen­tre (LWC), in Came­roon.
It inclu­des the follo­wing gifts:
  • Stuf­fed Koala
  • Exclu­si­ve cand­le with the sha­pe of a chimpanzee
  • Nati­ve mask made of colo­red mud
  • Water bottle with the title “Por un mar sin plás­ti­cos” [ For an ocean without plas­tic], by L’Oceanogràfic
  • Puzz­le with the ima­ge of a chim­pan­zee’s face
  • Fol­da­ble con­tai­ner to give either water or food to your life companion
  • Pen
  • Pho­ne hol­der made of wood with the title “El mar en tus manos” [The ocean in your hands], by L’Oceanogràfic
  • Book : “Las mejo­res foto­gra­fías Natio­nal Geo­graphic, Ani­ma­les del Mundo”
  • Lucky clo­ver of 4 leaves
  • Coca-cola lap­top cover and case
  • Hand­ma­de wallet made of natu­ral wool from Perú
  • Earrings
  • Key chain of cats
  • Hand­ker­chief for your dog
  • Nec­kla­ce
  • Mug of animal-printing
  • Poster of ‘Copi­to de Nieve’
  • Long-slee­ved polo shirt for ska­ting followers
We have only deli­ve­red 79 num­bers, and we need to sell 200. Tha­t’s why we’d like to kindly ask you to request one (for only 1€ as a dona­tion). Or also, you can help us by sha­ring the infor­ma­tion on your Ins­ta­gram and Face­book groups.
The­re are more than 130 pri­ma­tes of 12 spe­cies in the LWC, like the fema­le baboon ‘Nefer­ti­ti’ (in the pho­to). This year, SOS Pri­ma­tes sup­ports it, due to the fra­ter­nal rela­tionship bet­ween them. 
Request your num­ber at Plea­se, save us from having to can­cel the raffle…