All contributions to primates are welcome.

If you know any vete­ri­nary cen­ter, pet shop, or loca­tion that allows us to pla­ce a piggy bank, con­tact us at, and we’ll find a way to send it to you.

The­re have been more of you that help us with the trans­por­ta­tion of piggy banks, calen­dars, or lot­te­ries. Thanks to you SOS Pri­ma­tes has redu­ced deli­very fees and gathe­red more funds for CRPLLwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, and other sanc­tua­ries. Thanks to you, we’­ve been able to colla­bo­ra­te with the nou­rish­ment expen­ses of the orphan pri­ma­tes that live there.

You can see in the pic­tu­re Mar­ta, who carried from Bar­ce­lo­na to Lugo some piggy banks. She deli­ve­red them to Jahel, who sent them to the Hos­pi­tal Vete­ri­na­rio HA, a vete­ri­nary cen­ter that has colla­bo­ra­ted with us for a whi­le now. If you know somewhe­re whe­re we can pla­ce our piggy banks, con­tact us. ‘Kali­ma’ and ‘Elik­ya’( in the pho­to) thank Mar­ta, Jahel, the hos­pi­tal, and all of you who help us.