Today we bring you bad news… The orphan pri­ma­tes ‘Bajop’ and ‘Jeje’ arri­ved at the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, in April this year. They were extre­mely clo­se and faced cha­llen­ges together. ‘Bajop’ gave ‘Jeje’ sup­port each moment, hug­ging him. When we had to take ‘Jeje’ ( that has a more fra­gi­le con­di­tion)  to the vete­ri­nary cen­ter, ‘Bajop’ always went with him. A  pro­found bond uni­ted them.

Bajop’ has now left us, after being sick for days. He died des­pi­te the efforts of the team. The video is from the time they both arri­ved. We’ll keep you infor­med. For the moment, it looks like ‘Jeje’ is gra­dually accep­ting the loss. Thank­fully, his other friends in the group are giving him a lot of support.

We kindly ask you to keep hel­ping CRPL res­cue lives like theirs; most of them do live a second life and reco­ver. What hap­pe­ned is a tra­gic event, but we have to carry on. We’ll never for­get you, ‘Bajop’. If you’d like to lea­ve your mark, help SOS Pri­ma­tes; choo­se the option that best adapts to your pos­si­bi­li­ties: