We’­ve already assig­ned all the num­bers for the next SOS Pri­ma­tesraf­fle, which will be cele­bra­ted next Sep­tem­ber 26th. Search your name and good luck to all of you!.

The pri­ze includes:

-Stuf­fed koala
‑Exclu­si­ve cand­le with the sha­pe of a chimpanzee
‑Nati­ve mask of colo­red mud
‑Water bottle with the title “por un mar sin plásticos”[For an Ocean Without Plas­tic], by L’Oceanogràfic
‑Puzz­le with the ima­ge of a chim­pan­zee’s face
‑Fol­da­ble bowl to give food or water to your life companion
‑Wood cellpho­ne stand with the title “El mar en tus manos” [ The Ocean in Your Hands], by L’Oceanogràfic
‑Book “Las mejo­res foto­gra­fías Natio­nal Geo­graphic, Ani­ma­les del Mun­do”[ The best Natio­nal Geo­graphic Pho­tos, Ani­mals of the World] ‑Lucky clo­ver of 4 leaves
‑Lap­top cover and case of Coca-Cola
‑Hand­ma­de wallet of natu­ral wool made in Perú
‑Key­chain of kittens
‑Dog handkerchief
‑Ani­mal-prin­ting mug
‑Poster of ‘Copi­to de Nieve’
‑Long-slee­ve polo shirt for ska­ting fans

The num­ber pri­zed will be the one that mat­ches the last 3 digits of the 1st ONCE pri­ze of that day(September 26th). The num­bers ran­ge from 0 to 199. If the pri­zed digits are higher than the­se num­bers, then mul­ti­ples of 2 will be sub­trac­ted to the hun­dreds digit until it reaches a num­ber from the range.

Num­ber list

000, 001 Auro­ra Pazos
002 Nuria Celdrán
003 al 007 José Ramón Palomar
008, 011, 016, 021 y 024 Sil­via Bofill
009 y 031 J. Car­los Muñoz
010 Mano­lo Cabrera
012 Iolan­da Martinez
013, 014 Llüi­sa Arenys
015 y 033 Ampa­ro Oltra
017, 018 Luis Cabrera
019 Marián­ge­les Huzman
020 Álex Cabrera
022 y 030 Mela­nie Montenegro-Pérez
023, 034 Car­los Mosquero
025 al 029 Almu Royán
032 José Luis López
035, 049 al 050 Moni­ca Padilla
036, 037 Jose­fi­na Morillas
038 Anna Garcia
039 Geor­gi­na Mir
040 Alba Fernàndez
041, 042 J. Car­los Jiménez
043 al 047 Car­los Mosquero
048 Yani­na Kloner
051 Judith ATV
052 al 054 Car­los Fraguas
055 al 059 Sol Comino
060 Nuria Triana
061 Con­cha Aramark
062 Con­chi Aramark
063 Nuria Moreno
064 Emma Marín
065 Jon Munarriz
066 Luis Callejo
067 Cris­tian López
068 Glo­ria Rey
069 José Castro
070 al 072 Debby Reynolds
073 al 075 Mar­tí Cerezo
076, 077 Mar­ta Sanmartín
078 Mar­ta Montalbán
079 al 083 Mari­sa Martínez
084 al 107 José Luis Menoyo
108 al 117 Son­so­les Martín
118 al 187 Claudia
188 al 192 Javier Cabrera
193, 194 Mari­bel Fernández
195, 196 J. Peña
197 David Montañés
198, 199 Lau­ra Navuri

We sha­re also a pho­to of the win­ner of the June raf­fle, Cha­ve­la Rodrí­guez. The pri­ze was han­ded to her in Ani­mal Sapiens, in the Salt shop(in Giro­na), whe­re she had participated.

The funds are used to cover the food expen­ses of the 130 pri­ma­tes of 12 dif­fe­rent spe­cies that live in the Lim­be Wild­li­fe Cen­tre, Like ‘Maso­ma’, that was 2 years tied to a rope in the villa­ge, until he was con­fis­ca­ted by autho­ri­ties and carried to LWS. Currently, he lives with other colla­red man­ga­beys that are just like him.

Thank you so much to all of you who sup­port us every day!