The­re are many ways to help SOS Pri­ma­tes: from your home, in per­son, through crafts, spon­so­ring a chimp, joi­ning our Tea­ming

Thanks to peo­ple like you we don’t have to invest money in mate­rial deli­very to other cities. You are the ones that help us dis­tri­bu­te calen­dars, Christ­mas lot­te­ries, or mer­chan­di­se from our NGO.

In the pho­to, you can see María. She tra­ve­led last sum­mer to Can­ta­bria, and she carried calen­dars, shirts, and other mate­rials so that our volun­teers Cris­ti­na (in the pho­to) and Lucía could deli­ver them.

If you’d like to con­tri­bu­te to cover the food expen­ses of little ones like ‘Ushi­ri­ki’ and ‘Felix’, in Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes (CRPL), don’t hesi­ta­te to help. If you are this Sun­day in Palle­jà (Bar­ce­lo­na), we’ll need you. We requi­re peo­ple to attend our stand at the ani­mal fair that will be held there.

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