This year SOS Pri­ma­tes turns 10 years old, and we’ll go out for din­ner to cele­bra­te it. We would love for you to come with us. In that way, we can inform you about our work to help CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, in the Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic of Con­go and other pri­ma­te sanctuaries.

Meanwhi­le, more orphan pri­ma­tes arri­ve at the CRPL. Today 2 little ones arri­ved. They were both con­fis­ca­ted from poa­chers after they killed their mothers and mem­bers of their group.

The din­ner will be in Bar­ce­lo­na, on the 5th of Novem­ber. It’ll cost 26 €. You can reser­ve your pla­ce at

We’ll be expec­ting you!