Today is World Gorilla Day

We hope that this day is a remin­der for govern­ments, ins­ti­tu­tions, and pri­va­te enti­ties to find a way to pro­tect them.

SOS Pri­ma­tes helps gori­llas through the cen­ters it colla­bo­ra­tes with.

The CRPLLwi­ro Pri­ma­tes works inten­sely with the Grauer gori­llas from the Natio­nal Park Kahu­zi-Bieg. On various occa­sions, vete­ri­na­rians have per­for­med vete­ri­nary pro­cee­dings or hel­ped to shel­ter some orphan primates.

This year, our SOS­li­dary calen­dar is des­ti­ned to help the Lim­be Wild­li­fe Cen­tre, whe­re four­teen orphan gori­llas due to ille­gal tra­de and bush­meat con­sum­ption live.

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