SOS Pri­ma­tes has been sen­ding many uni­form ship­ments from the wor­kers at the Bar­ce­lo­na Zoo to dif­fe­rent pri­ma­te reco­very cen­ters and sanctuaries.

If any of you do volun­teer work at the­se pla­ces, don’t hesi­ta­te to con­tact us so we can deli­ver you this mate­rial. After all, the­re are fixed funds in some cen­ters , and neces­sary and use­ful mate­rial is needed.

Our NGO covers the deli­very expen­ses, and many soli­dary per­sons have volun­tee­red to help deli­ver them, like Sabri­na, from Ani­mal­Con­cepts (in the picture).

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