Perhaps we belie­ve that to help pri­ma­tes we must go to Afri­ca, but we’­re very wrong.

Small actions, like sus­tai­na­ble con­sum­ption or the use of public trans­por­ta­tion, can help avoid the des­truc­tion of forests whe­re pri­ma­tes live.

Another via­ble option is to sup­port NGOs that help pri­ma­tes, likeSOS Pri­ma­tes. This year, the funds gathe­red from the 2023 Calen­dar and the raf­fles are des­ti­ned for the Lim­be Wild­li­fe Cen­tre (in Came­roon). This cen­ter shel­ters more than 130 pri­ma­tes of dif­fe­rent spe­cies. For exam­ple, ‘Mano­ma’ is a red-cap­ped man­ga­bey who sta­yed 3 years with dif­fe­rent peo­ple and was aban­do­ned when they found out about her strength.

The his­tory of many pri­ma­tes is mise­ra­ble; they are torn apart from natu­re, their mother is killed, and then the­y’­re abandoned!

Octo­ber has gone, and we still have 2023 calen­dars, Christ­mas lot­te­ries, and SOS­li­dary raf­fles. Help us, and you’ll help pri­ma­tes like ‘Mano­ma.

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