Today, becau­se of the #World­Chim­pan­zee­Day, we have been in the Zoo Aqua­rium of Madrid and in the Bar­ce­lo­na Zoo gathe­ring funds for the CRPL, Lwi­ro Pri­ma­tes, which shel­ters about 105 chim­pan­zees, for exam­ple, ‘Kali­ma’. You can see pho­tos of her befo­re (when she arri­ved at the cen­ter) and after thanks to the care she recei­ves there.

It’s been a very hot day in both cities, and our teams are so glad due to the work and the reac­tion of the peo­ple that approa­ched our stands, whether they were visi­tors or wor­kers from the zoo­lo­gi­cal cen­ters. We would like to thank said peo­ple and the res­pon­si­ble ones for both orga­ni­za­tions for the very warm treat­ment that they always direc­ted towards us.

We can’t for­get our volun­teers, our grea­test trea­su­res. In Madrid: Car­la, María, Mari­sa, and Almu. In Bar­ce­lo­na: Auro­ra, Nuria, Mòni­ca and Raúl.

If you’d like to help chim­pan­zees and other pri­ma­te spe­cies, con­tact us at SOS Pri­ma­tes and we’ll find out the best way for you to help us in saving our clo­se rela­ti­ves. More infor­ma­tion at