Pilarín Bayes’ T‑shirt Campaign making-off

2022-06-06T09:05:48+01:00Monday, 25 October, 2021|

Pilarín Baye’s T-shirt Campaign for SOS Primates became a huge success. Today we bring you the making-off. We want to thank Sílvia Bofill for her management. Without her, it couldn’t have been possible. We also thank the models, Luca and Gio (and their parents, our friends and supporters). Our thanks also go to [...]


Solidary Days organised by the Canine Association of Leganés

2022-06-06T09:00:46+01:00Monday, 25 October, 2021|

On Sunday the 24th of October, SOS Primates will be in Madrid for the new Solidary Days organised by the Canine Association of Leganés. In Parque de las Morenas, next to the Parquesur Mall, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Christmas is just around the corner so it’s a good moment to order your solidary [...]


III Fair for Animal Awareness of Móstoles

2022-06-06T09:20:10+01:00Thursday, 21 October, 2021|

Last 9th of October, we attended the III Fair for Animal Awareness in Móstoles (Madrid), organised by ASA - Asociación por la Sensibilidad Animal(Association for Animal Awareness). Many thanks to the organisers, especially to Ana and Yvonne and their team, for inviting us to such a special event, which we are very excited to attend [...]


Get to know two artists that help SOS Primates

2022-06-06T09:17:57+01:00Thursday, 21 October, 2021|

SOS Primates is made by SOSlidary people, like the wood craftsman Coqui Vega who makes beautiful objects from recycled wood pallets such as furniture, and nest boxes, among other crafts. He participates in markets where he gives a part of the proceeds to different animal shelters (you can take a [...]


Meeting with PASA Primates and Darwin

2022-06-06T09:13:49+01:00Thursday, 21 October, 2021|

On October 14th SOS Primates met with Gregg Tully, executive director of PASA Primates: Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, the federation of sanctuaries and African primates rehabilitation centres; and with Montserrat Ubach, president of Darwin, for the Preservation of Marmosets and Tamarins, a rehabilitation centre for callitrichids, in Barcelona. SOS Primates collaborates with DARWIN through Raúl [...]


5th Edition of the Fira de Entitats Animalistes in Sabadell

2022-06-06T09:31:26+01:00Saturday, 9 October, 2021|

We finished the day tired but very satisfied with our participation in the 5th edition of the Fira de Entitats Animalistes in Sabadell, Barcelona. We have distributed information, given a talk and collected donations from the people who have stopped by our stand. We want to thank the whole organisation, especially [...]