2022-07-31T18:47:02+01:00Sunday, 31 July, 2022|

These days, temperatures have been extremely high for all of us. Even though climate change is regarded as inexistent, still its effects are palpable in the rise of temperature.  It not only affects us but also the primates living in their habitats. For example, it changes the distribution of vegetables that they feed upon. Also, [...]


SOSlidary T‑shirts

2022-07-28T07:55:00+01:00Thursday, 28 July, 2022|

Are you one of the few that still don't have an SOS Primates shirt? Last year, we organized this campaign with the model Belén Matheu and the photographer Delia Hurtado. There are shirts available with the following characteristics: grey or black, straight or fitted (like the one Belén is wearing in the photo). Donation: 10 euros Orders at: [...]


Christmas lottery

2022-07-28T07:50:56+01:00Thursday, 28 July, 2022|

We have ready prepared the Christmas Lottery and you can request it at As always, we offer you the possibility of sending it to you by certified mail (fees not included). Or we can guard it and fabricate you an attestation document. This year, the funds will be destined to Limbe Wildlife Centre (LWC), in [...]


Shirts with the Illustration by Pilarín Bayés

2022-07-21T10:27:39+01:00Thursday, 21 July, 2022|

¿Did you know that modest organizations like ours can achieve great things? However, they require effort and a dedicated team... Last year, the amazing illustrator Pilarín Bayés made an exclusive design for SOS Primates. We printed it in these wonderful shirts, worn by Manolín's family(one of our loyal followers). They are available in earthly brown and light [...]


Chimpanzee World Day

2022-07-15T07:50:32+01:00Thursday, 14 July, 2022|

#WorldChimpanzeeDay Today is Chimpanzee World Day, and in SOS Primates we want to highlight the efforts made so that they don't disappear from Earth. In the first place, the labour from African recovery centers and sanctuaries, which shelter hundreds of orphans each year (like the CRPL, Lwiro Primates, in the photo). In the second place, scholars, that [...]


Calendar 2023

2022-07-11T07:50:02+01:00Monday, 11 July, 2022|

As you know, SOS Primates was founded primarily to help CRPL, Lwiro Primates. That’s because two of our organisation’s founders had links with this centre at different times, collaborating on various in situ projects. Our NGO has continued to grow. For 3 years, we have destined our calendar donations to different rescue centres or primate sanctuaries [...]