Your Sweetest Primates COMPETITION

2021-04-06T08:54:12+01:00Tuesday, 6 April, 2021|

The sweetest competition on the internet has arrived! Today is Easter Monday and in many regions of Spain the "Day of the Easter Cake" is celebrated. That's why we're introducing the sweetest competition on the internet. The goal is to make the best and most beautiful "primate cake. Who can enter this competition? People of [...]


Necklaces and bracelets handmade in the Congo

2021-04-06T08:40:03+01:00Tuesday, 6 April, 2021|

Good times are coming and it's time to show our solidarity. If you haven't yet got your necklaces and bracelets handmade by women with various disabilities, don't hesitate to order yours. They are uniques and each one is different. Our colleague Nuria Celdran shows them to you and encourages you to place your order. For [...]